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Frequently Asked Questions



Do you provide 2 wheelers, wagons, etc. to move our sound equipment, our any other accessories into the Lodge?

We do not provide equipment for use.

What is the sq. footage of the Lodge reception area along with the front porch?

The front porch is 1400 sq. ft. (20′ x 70′). The reception area is 4000 sq. ft. (50′ x 80′).

Are we required to have a bar tender?

Yes, due to our strict insurance policies we provide state licensed bar tenders.

We have elderly grandparents; will they be able to attend?

Of course, we are handicap friendly with elevators, and other equipment to help with any of your needs.

How many bridesmaids can sleep in the ‘Bunk House’?

Our ‘Bunk House’ is rated for 15, with more than adequate restroom facilities.

What about parking?

At Kingfisher Lodge we have had a wedding with 9 people, and we have hosted a wedding with approximately 600 guests. Our complimentary parking attendants handled each event differently, but we are able to handle each event with ease.

Can we bring our own Florist, Photographer, Wedding Planner?

While Kingfisher specializes in all-inclusive wedding packages, you can bring your own Florist, etc. However, your vendor must have proof of insurance on file for your protection and ours.

Can we use our own cater?

You can use your cater for rehearsal dinners with insurance and proof of their Serve Safe License. All catering other than rehearsal dinners must use Kingfisher Catering.

What are your wedding operating hours?

Our Brides have Kingfisher from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Friday, and from 9:00 AM – 10:30 PM on Saturday.

Are open flamed candles allowed?

No, all candles must be in some type of cylinder (dripless).

May we set-up our own decorations, flowers, etc.?

Yes, you may, but Kingfisher does not allow nails, tape, 3M stripes, etc. to be nailed or taped to any part of the Lodge, Houses, Outdoor Chapel, our any live vegetation indoor our out. All hanging devices have to be approved before setup day.

When will I or vendors be allowed to move in to begin decorating the venue?

Setup begins at 9:00 AM Friday.

Can you “Save” our date until we have made a decision?

Unfortunately, we are not about to “Save” your spot unless for some very specific reason due to the demand at Kingfisher Lodge.

What is the cost of your deposit?

Our deposit is $1500 (nonrefundable).

Can I pay extra to have the lodge past 10:30?

No, we shut down at 10:30.

Can you extend payments past our wedding date?

No, all payments are due before your wedding weekend.

What time do we need to be out of the Bunkhouse on Sunday?

Checkout is 11:00 AM on Sunday.

May we remove our belongings from the inside of the lodge on Sunday’s?

The lodge is closed on Sundays. All items need to be removed Saturday night.